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These ARP 150-2901 Ford Powerstroke Pro Series Diesel Flywheel Bolt features:

  • Exclusive, flat, 12-point head
  • Larger than stock shank diameter
  • Increased strength
  • Improved flywheel register.
  • Super strong 200,000 psi rating
  • Black oxide coating for corrosion resistance.

The Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Flexplate Bolt Kit applications:

  • For the 2011 to current model year Ford trucks with the 6.7L power Stroke and the automatic transmission.

The ARP 150-2901 Powerstroke Diesel Flexplate Bolt Kit plays an important role in the performance and safety of both street and race trucks. This ARP Pro Series Flexplate Bolt Kit is recommended when you increase the power levels of your Ford powerstroke diesel engine. You can forget about the problem of shearing a flexplate bolt after you install these ARP 150-2901 bolts. These flex plate bolts are super strong with a 200,000 psi load rating. There are no stronger flex plate studs available for your Ford 6.7L Powerstrokes powertrain then the ARP 150-2901 Bolt Kit.

The Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Flywheel bolt kit contains:

  • 10 ARP 9740 Pro Series M10 X 1.25" U.H.L bolts
  • 10 ARP 8740 Alloy Chamfered Washers
  • One 1/2 ounce packet of ARP Ultra-Torque assembly lubricant.