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Firestone Ride-Rite 2590 Air Command F3 Wireless Assembly Kit

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The Firestone Air Command F3 Wireless Air Compressor Kit gives you the ability to adjust your Firestone Ride-Rite Air Bag Helper Springs with just the touch of a button. The Air Command F3 features a wireless controller that gives you the freedom to adjust your air springs to accommodate different loads and road conditions from both the inside and the outside of your vehicle.

Firestone's Air Command F3 Kit uses technology that is a departure from what has been used in the past, and utilizes industry leading OE grade electronics. The Air Command F3 has the ECU and valve block combined into one easy to install unit, with the air lines and wiring harness plugging into the same side to further ease installation and routing of lines and power supply.

The ECU and valve block have been tested to withstand pressurized water, road chemicals, salt spray, immersion, shock and vibration. The one-piece housing unit is also environmentally protected from mud, dust, extreme temperatures, and rust, and can be mounted anywhere.

  • One Push Pressure Adjustment/The Power Of Air
  • Is At Your Finger Tips/With The Capability Of Side/Side Leveling
  • Real Time Pressure Readout/Dual Left/Right PSI And
  • Air Pressure Control Readouts/Easy To Read Digital Display
  • Designed So You Can See It During The Day But
  • It Doesnt Blind You At Night/Easy Install Only Three Wires
  • To Connect To The Vehicle/One To The Compressor/New Design Allows
  • Air Lines And Wiring Harness To All Be Plugged Into<


Incl. Heavy Duty Compressor - F3 Wireless Remote - ECU - Tubing - Wire Harness - Fittings