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Ford ATS Auxiliary Transmission Cooler - Universal

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Keep Transmission Temperatures Down

Excessive heat can drive your transmission to an early grave if you aren't careful, and managing underhood temperatures is even more crucial if you're frequently towing heavy loads or climbing steep hills. The Auxiliary Transmission Cooler by ATS supports your factory cooling system (does not replace) to keep transmission temperatures at optimal levels for heavy application. This thermostatic-controlled transmission cooler features a reversible rotation fan that forces cool air into your transmission to achieve optimal running temperatures.

Universal Fit: This auxiliary transmission cooler supports your factory cooling system and is a universal fit (3/8" line) for Fords. The kit does not include a thermostat.

Auxiliary Unit:This is an auxiliary transmission cooler. It is designed to support your OEM cooler and is not intended to be a replacement of your factory cooling system.