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  • Customizable Gauge Screens Select from over 25 different PIDs across three customizable gauge screens.
  • Detailed Vehicle Management Lynk your vehicle with approved technicians, manage ECU profiles, and adjust vehicle details.
  • Technician Communication Share recorded datalogs and chat with any lynked technician instantly.
  • App Guided Programming Flash your ECU with profiles created by your technician using app-guided steps.


The EZ LYNK Auto Agent combines function and convenience, revolutionizing the way you monitor, diagnose, and update your vehicle's performance. Carry the automobile industry's most powerful tool in your pocket. Share, record, and reprogram your vehicle easily from your Smartphone.
• Display your vehicles live data sent from your Auto Agent on your smart phone screen
• Read and clear Diagnostic trouble codes
• Create data recordings that can be sent to your technician
• Connect your technician to your automobile through EZ LYNK's cloud portal
• Save yourself trips to your repair facility by allowing your technician to access your vehicle's data port
• Install vehicle software updates sent directly to you from your technicians cloud portal