H&S Motorsports 121004 Low Pressure Fuel System
H&S Motorsports 121004 Low Pressure Fuel System

H&S Motorsports 121004 Low Pressure Fuel System

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H&S Motorsports is proud to introduce the ultimate low pressure fuel system upgrade for the 2011-2015 6.7L Power Stroke trucks. 

Why replace the factory low pressure fuel supply system?

- A Low Pressure Fuel System is present on a diesel truck to supply the High Pressure Fuel System with an ample amount of clean, water-free fuel.  The factory 6.7L Low Pressure System is designed to provide a relatively high pressure (50psi) for a low pressure fuel supply system.  Because of the somewhat high pressure demands, the volume flow capabilities of the OEM pump suffer and supply pressure can fall below the desired 50+ psi when fueling demands are increased above stock levels, especially in the case of dual high pressure pump configurations. 

How does H&S Motorsports fix this?

- The HSM low pressure fuel system is a regulated return design that allows the fuel pressure to be infinitely adjustable from 20-100psi.  On the 6.7L Power Stroke, a 50 psi pressure switch monitors the pressure supplied by the low pressure fuel system and will trigger once pressure falls below that threshold.  So HSM recommends setting your system between 55 and 65psi.  The HSM system replaces the complete factory system with exception of the fuel lines.  No cutting or splicing of fuel lines will be necessary, as this kit is designed to be as "plug and play" as possible.  An amazingly quiet and efficient 150 gallon per hour pump (backed by a 2 year warranty) does the brunt of the work while directing fuel through two spin-on filters with a micron rating at or above OEM standards.  Two billet fuel filter housings are included to adapt your OEM fuel lines to these new aftermarket filters.
-The HSM Low Pressure Fuel System bolts into the factory location, so no drilling into the frame is necessary.  This product is designed to work in conjunction with the OEM CP4 fuel pump, or a dual pump high pressure delivery system.  Minor plumbing routing changes is all that will be necessary to run with a dual pump system.