MBRP CFAL463 4" Installer Series Competition Race Pipe With Muffler

MBRP CFAL463 4" Installer Series Competition Race Pipe With Muffler

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Aluminized Steel Race Pipe with Muffler (CFAL463) by MBRP®. Material: Aluminized Steel. Main Piping Diameter: 4". With Muffler. Without Bungs. Sometimes you just have to let it all hang out. That’s why MBRP makes race-only exhaust systems. With just a small, straight-through muffler, the full fury of your engine will be heard by everyone in the vicinity.


Aluminized SteelMain Piping Diameter: 4"


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MBRP inc. has been in custom exhaust systems business for over fifteen years. The milestones in the evolution path of the company remain unchanged: superior performance gains, long-lasting product quality and customer responsiveness. First success came with the now famous B&B Eliminator, the bestselling performance snowmobile silencer of all time. Focusing on the right things on its way to success, MBRP inc. is now at the forefront of performance exhaust technology with the breakthrough line of performance diesel exhaust products and new sport line of products for gasoline-powered vehicles. The commitment to the clientele knows no limits at MBRP inc. and is easy to feel – from the lowest SKU/ vehicles supported ratio to variety of exhaust materials to choose from for any budget. Not to mention the easy installation of the products, well-engineered to bolt on over the factory bearings and supported by detailed user manuals and toll-free technical support line to help even the least experienced installer.